Doing business in Africa through REMERINK GROUP means complete guidance from the very origin until the transport. We order our products directly from our suppliers in Gabon and Cameroon. You have the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of various lumber sizes. You may even order a product with special dimensions, or select a standard size.

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Our suppliers are in the first place our partners: we work with them on location, assist them in the production and help them market further the hardwood of their choice. In that process, we guarantee the quality.

As an exclusive partner, we manage the production programs by our suppliers.


We offer unique products – in standard sizes, or tailor-made; particularly the large sizes. There is always a physical control, which takes place during the production of wood and during transport. The wood is delivered accompanied by the reports, photos and specifications.

We take care for all technical and logistical parts of the production, including the advanced financing. We perform physical inspection of wood. Accompanied by the reports with measurement specifications, quality and photos.

REMERINK GROUP takes care for everything until the final step, which included transport to the port of Antwerp, as well as the clearance at the spot.

Apart from that, we deliver end products, such as dragline mats, dam walls, poles, reinforcement, platforms and suspensions.

Saw programs Azobé and Okan / Assortment of scraped products

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