EUTR / FLEGT Legislation

Acting in accordance with legislation is crucial


Every acquisition by REMERINK GROUP is aimed at the implementation of responsible practices. It refers to controls pertaining to the origin of the wood, as well as to the promotion of responsible forestry management. We watch over the application of both European and African legislation. And we do that very carefully; and strict – if necessary.



  • It is all about the responsible supplies, which – through REMERINK GROUP – meet the requirements from the European Wood Directive.
  • REMERINK GROUP is fully committed to refuse the lumber originating from controversial woodcutting practices or that is in any way whatsoever linked to illegal activities.
  • REMERINK GROUP applies a strict system of precision requirements, which is fully tuned in to its supply channels.
  • REMERINK GROUP acts as operator and should prove that the wood import that we bring to the market is legitimate.

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