Sustainable management: legally obliged in Gabon Gabonese Legislation

The Congo basin area – Cameroon and Gabon in particular – have a modern and precise legislation in place with regard to the forestry. According to that legislation, renewable management of forests is mandatory. That legislation includes relevant technical standards for all activities related to woodcutting. That legislation stimulates the industrial development, preservation of biodiversity and protection of environment, as well as the respect for the community and the employees.



REMERINK GROUP partners perform their work in the forest area where renewable management plan is in place. In order to fulfill the environmental, social and economic requirements, that plan shall be valid for the period of 20 to 30 years. Such renewable forest management is based on scientific studies and advanced technologies in the field of forestry, environment and biodiversity.



Apart from that, it is based on social-economic studies: mapping out multiple forest areas, characterization of forest dynamics in order to adapt the woodcutting practices and the material to the forest areas (rotation, minimum cutting diameter, recovery, protection of the fauna and woodcutting with minor impact), mapping out the customary laws in place, mapping out the employees’ needs, and marking the most important zones that need urgent protection.