De Forest Stewardship Council (= FSC) is a non-profit organization established in 1993, upon the initiative by some environmental organizations. Since 2010, the FSC has been supported by the international businesses, governments, social and environmental organizations, such as World Wide Fund for Nature, Greenpeace and ICCO.



The organization was established in order to stimulate sustainable forest management, particularly in tropical areas. The so-called FSC standard (also known as the principles and criteria) for sustainable forest management brings the social, environmental and economic interests in balance. The forest management performed in such a way, along with possible wood and paper production linked thereto, protects the forests for the well being of current and future generations.


Every organization with a Chain of Custody registration, which process or trades FCS certified products has to keep specific administration.

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The FSC logo is a proof that the wood and paper originate from the forests managed in accordance with the FSC standards. Internationally seen, these standards are a guarantee for sustainable forest management.

REMERINK GROUP expanded its network to new suppliers, which, assisted by REMERINK GROUP, have acquired their FSC certificate.

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