Guideline FLEGT NL_Pagina_01

Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (=FLEGT). The EU FLEGT action plan was established in 2003. The aim was to reduce the illegal woodcutting by strengthening the sustainable and legitimate forest control, improving the management and stimulating the trade in legally produced wood.

The production with a FLEGT or CITES license is automatically supposed to meet the regulations (”Green Lane”). The certificates, such as FSC, PEFC, OLB, VLC, LHV and similar are not officially included in the “Green Lane”; however, we do offer almost all necessary elements that help fulfill the required legislation.


REMERINK GROUP is fully committed to refuse the lumber originating from controversial woodcutting practices or that is in any way whatsoever linked to illegal activities. REMERINK GROUP applies a strict system of precision requirements, which is fully tuned in to its supply channels.

For instance, the wood supplies by REMERING GROUP are included in FLEGT or CITES permission*, which is a certificate with regard to sustainable and legal forest management (comparable to EUTR), or a full risk analysis based on the extensive evaluation criteria imposed by the partners in the forestry and forest industry.


In the meantime, REMERINK GROUP has implemented a Due Diligence System, which has been fully operative ever since.