As of March 3, 2013, the EUTR has been applicable.

Each market participant that brings the wood or wood products in the European market for the first time has to fulfill the requirements from the related EU Regulation. The related EU Regulation prohibits the marketing of illegally cut wood. Market participants must provide guarantees as to the legitimacy of origin of their products, by applying a system of precision requirements.

europese houtverordening

The system consists of:

  • Collecting the data about legal origin of the wood and keeping them during a period of 5 years;
  • Performing risk analyses in order to assess and analyze whether the wood was illegally cut;
  • Minimizing risks by taking protective measures.

REMERINK GROUP works according the standards imposed by the Bureau Veritas, which is one of nine recognized supervisory organizations in The Netherlands.


The eventual monitoring of the system of precision requirements is in both cases up to two authorized institutions: In The Netherlands, it is the Netherlands Food and Consumer Products Safety Authority (NVWA).