Due diligence: the base


  • Information about the origin, sort and quantity of the wood.
  • Name and address of forest owner
  • Documentation which proves that the trees were legally cut
  • Risk analysis of illegal woodcutting:
    • Is it proven that the trees were legally cut, monitored by a third party or accompanied by the certificate for sustainable forest management (for instance, FSC, PEFC)?
    • Is that specific wood sort and/or its country of origin oftentimes involved in illegal woodcutting practices?
    • How complex is the lumber chain?
  • In the event of high risk of illegal woodcutting: mitigating measures, such as to impose monitoring process that would be managed by an independent third party (such as FSC, or PEFC certification), or to exclusively import the wood with FLEGT permission, which is per definition considered a proof that legal wood is imported within the EUTR framework.


In order to satisfy the requirements for wood acquisition and to mitigate the risks linked thereto, REMERINK GROUP has developed a system of precision requirements, which includes:

  • Regular analysis and continuous monitoring of risks in the entire supply chain;
  • Audits related to the suppliers, performed by the forestry and industrial specialists in the particular country, based on the evaluation criteria in respect to the entire legislation applicable to the woodcutting and wood processing, as well as the implementation stipulations for that;
  • Support to the suppliers in respect of the measures that need to be taken to mitigate the risks (advice to forest management specialists, introduction of certification for monitoring chain);
  • A documentation system in order to guarantee the fulfillment of these obligations.




For further explanation with regard to the precision requirements, REMERINK GROUP has decided to introduce and implement a system of precision requirements. In cooperation with C. Duhesme conseils and Agence MIDA from France, risk assessment was made with regard to the production countries from Africa. Apart from that, we established Due Diligence system. All of the suppliers have been evaluated by means of that system. There is a continuing evaluation between REMERINK GROUP and its suppliers, which helps us in our pursuit for absolute legitimacy. Apart from that, we developed acquisition procedures and there is a clear purchase policy.

Evaluation year in retrospective, and application of the European Wood Directive by REMERINK GROUP