Evaluation year in retrospective, and application of the European Wood Directive by REMERINK GROUP

For further explanation with regard to the precision requirements, REMERINK GROUP has decided to introduce and implement a system of precision requirements. In cooperation with Olivier Bonneau and C. Duhesme conseils from France, risk assessment was made with regard to the production countries from Africa.t. Apart from that, we established Due Diligence system. All of the suppliers have been evaluated by means of that system. There is a continuing evaluation between REMERINK GROUP and its suppliers, which helps us in our pursuit for absolute legitimacy. Apart from that, we developed acquisition procedures and there is a clear purchase policy.

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The evaluations of suppliers were performed on location, based on very high requirements, by the auditors qualified in accordance with FSC and OLB.

Complete analysis criteria

evalThe criteria applied by REMERINK GROUP when it comes to the evaluation of suppliers are based on the legislation applicable to the woodcutting and wood processing, as well as to the international conventions, forestry laws, labor laws, environmental laws and the implementation regulations thereof in particular.

These criteria are defined prior to the evaluation; by the experts in forestry and forestry industry of the subject supply area.


From January 2013 to and including March 2014, system for precision requirements, established by REMERINK GROUP, was subject to external audits during a period of 75 days:

Demanding system implemented in a serious way:


The evaluations revealed small and bigger problems with regard to the company functioning, particularly in the area of labor and environmental laws. Based on that, the commercial procedures were discontinued with the suppliers that could not provide any or sufficient guarantees, or with those that had been evaluated in part only.

Getting assurance from suppliers:

securisation appros

On one hand, we have continued to work with the suppliers that perform on a level, which satisfies our conditions. On the other hand, they too were willing to implement the measures in order to mitigate the risks. We have provided support to these suppliers in their obligations with regard to renewable management and certification mainly; for instance, the COC, FCB and OLB certification pertaining to one supplier (the preparation of a second supplier is in process).

We provide support to forestry management (woodcutting policy, advice about the means and the management) and we have made preparations that our suppliers obtain the necessary forestry certification. In other words, we have made evaluations that preceded the certification audits and we developed the implementation action plans.

Development of certified suppliers:


REMERINK GROUP expanded its network to new suppliers, which, assisted by REMERINK GROUP, have acquired their FSC certificate.

Improved product quality:



Due to the fact that we have been constantly in contact with our partners, we manage to work together with them on the improvement of the quality of their products. We share our experiences and knowhow in the area of sawing the African hardwood together with our partners. We provide assistance and educate them in the area of production management, the optimization of their resources and the fulfillment of technical requirements imposed by the market.