Bert Remerink

Bert Remerink, CEO, graduated from the International University of Applied Agricultural Sciences at Larenstein, majoring in Tropical Forestry. Apart from that, he was taking various training modules at the Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT), such as the training module with the title ‘Classement des bois tropicaux’ (classification of tropical wood sorts).

Bert Remerink: the link between Europe and Africa

In the meantime, he has gained over twenty years long experience in the wood industry in Central Africa, particularly in Cameroon and Gabon. Bert spent many years working as production manager in various sawmills. He was also a commercial manager, responsible for                                             marketing African wood in The Netherlands. Since 2002, he has been lending his knowledge and                             experience as independent importer of African hardwood.

bellAs a person of Western origin, it is completely natural that he attracts attention in Africa, and yet he has managed to adapt without any difficulty at all. His passion for Africa is genuine. Thanks to his insight in the African culture, he easily translates the African way of work into the European needs. In Africa, Bert feels at home. He creates joint ventures in order to monitor the production quality and to let the logistical processes flow smoothly. Due to his presence in Africa, as well as supported by his European-African background, Bert is closely monitoring the quality and legitimacy of the lumber he is responsible for.


Therefore, it helps REMERINK GROUP work on sustainable solutions directly and in close cooperation with the back office and the partners. On the basis of mutual trust, Bart Remerink keeps supporting his partners when it comes to technical or logistical problems. In such a way, he creates optimal and sustainable supply chain for REMERINK GROUP. It is about the supply chain, which responds to the needs and values of our clients, respecting the humans and the nature in the process, and fully in accordance with the European legislation.